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CBC's Push returns for Season 2, featuring a group of friends who navigate their lives in wheelchairs

Updated: Jan 5

DECEMBER 18, 2023

How to Watch Push, the ground-breaking docuseries returning to CBC in January

The 'Wheelie Peeps' are featured in the CBC docu-series Push. (L-R) Natasha Urkow, Benveet Gill, and Brian McPherson. (CBC)

Watch Season 2 of Push Sunday, January 14 at 7:30 pm (8:00 NL) on CBC and CBC Gem.

The ground-breaking CBC original docuseries, Push, is back on January 14, 2024 for a second season. 

Push is Canada's first major prime-time program to feature a leading cast of people with disabilities. CBC's Jennifer Dettman, who greenlit the series says, "This is a series about a group of best friends who use wheelchairs and are trying to do what we are all trying to do – live their best lives." 

What is Push about?

Pulling back the veil on life as a wheelchair user, Push takes audiences into the inner world of the "Wheelie Peeps," an unlikely group of friends bonded by their shared experience of life on wheels.

Whether it's growing a family, fighting social stigma or jumping back into the dating pool, this determined group of friends is working together to prove that even though their mobility may be limited, their lives and dreams are most certainly not.

"This show is what I needed when I was first paralyzed," said lead cast member Benveet "Bean" Gill. "To see that having a disability doesn't define you. We're regular people, striving like everyone else to live our kickass lives to the fullest. But Push is not simply a show about our lives. It's about seeing and hearing us as people, just as we are." 

What happens in Season 2?

Nothing is off the table as this bold group of friends tackles everything life throws their way. 

Watch | The official Season 2 trailer here:

From the logistics and stigmas of sex with a fellow wheelchair user, to navigating new motherhood as a "quad mom," to facing the people and places who knew them pre-injury, Season 2 has the peeps confronting their past, facing their demons and supporting new members of the group through the early days of wheelchair life.


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