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Push CBC | Fenix Film & Television receive 5 AMPIA nominations for Season 1 of PUSH


We're so thrilled to have received FIVE @yourampia nominations for Season 1 of PUSH! Thanks so much, #YourAmpia!

Check out the AMPIA Rosie Awards Finalists here:

Best Documentary Series

PUSH “Rebirths” // Kaitlan Stewart // Fenix Film & Television

Best Production Reflecting Cultural Diversity

PUSH “Rebirths” // Kaitlan Stewart // Fenix Film & Television

Best Cinematographer (Documentary Under 30 minutes)

Tamarra Canu // PUSH “What Happens in Vegas…” // Fenix Film & Television

Best Editor (Documentary Under 30 minutes)

Jordan Bosch, Weyme Teeter & Paul Smart // PUSH “Out of Tune” // Fenix Film & Television

Best Overall Sound (Documentary Under 30 Minutes)

Jesse Luce, Carey Opper & Larry MacDonald // PUSH “Rebirths” // Fenix Film & Television

Big shout out to our BC partner, @smallarmyentertainment, and our Executive Producer, Sean De Vries, who, due to being non-Albertan, couldn't be included in the nominations.

Descriptive text: Five photos from Season 1 of PUSH, each with a semi-transparent yellow banner with black text that indicates the five nominations. Photo 1: Victoria and Brian embrace. Photo 2: Bean is shown in side profile, looking off into the distance. Photo 3: DOP Tamarra wears a camera rig while shooting an episode of PUSH. Her camera is aimed at an airplane while other crew members look on. Photo 4: Riccardo pensively looks out the window. Photo 5: Brittney speaks into a megaphone at a protest.

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