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From air traffic control, to piloting planes, to aircraft maintenance - there are many ways for women to find their wings in Canada's aviation industry. But even as mass labour shortages threaten to take down the industry, women continue to be grossly underrepresented across all disciplines in one of the country's most exciting and fruitful career paths. While examining the barriers preventing women from entering exciting careers in aviation, Taking Flight revisits some of Canada's historic female aviation trailblazers, follows the journeys of present day women on the threshold of their own history-making careers, and captures an industry on its desperate search for the next generation of aviation heroines amidst a looming industry-wide crisis 


Twenty years after women’s hockey made its Olympic debut, ‘Claiming Our Game: The Road to PyeongChang’ gives an all access pass to the Canadian women’s national hockey team as they prepare both physically and mentally for what is being called one of the biggest rematches in sports history.

With the results of the Canada-US series and 4 Nations Cup foreshadowing potential Olympic success or failure, Canada’s final roster will board the plane to PyeongChang battle hardened and determined to once again claim their game.

A collection of shorts exploring the lives of different dogs and their journey to become professionals in their respective careers. These dogs are more than just a man's best friends. They save lives. ETC. Shorts. 3-5 MINS. YOUTUBE. VIMEO. FACEBOOK. ETC

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